• TV-banking allows the entire set of operations with your own accounts using SMART TV with just a few clicks.
  • TV-banking is most commonly used to view account statements, general information and perform operations according to the template that can be added via mobile device or internet banking.
  • Bank customers who already have one of the remote services – Internet banking or Mobile banking, can use existing username and password to log in.
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Unauthorized state

  • Making payments on a strictly user-defined templates without the possibility of changing any parameter of payment. "Quick Templates".
  • Geolocation, geotargeting (offices and ATMs, partners’ objects, offering discounted rates).
  • Advertisements and information about the Bank's campaigns.
  • Exchange rates.

Authorized state

  • Making payments
  • Transfers between your accounts
  • Transfers within the bank
  • Transfers to another bank
  • Personal account (cards and accounts management)
  • Personalized offers, with an analysis of the response to implement targeted offers.

Personalized offers

  • As part of the project realization there will be organized a service of personal offers.
  • At the same time the system allows to adjust the rules of reaction on the shown offers and also to remember a customer’s feedback.
  • Examples of rules:
  • Offer of a new deposit should be shown to the client not more than 5 times per month.
  • In case the client looked through the offer and refused — do not show anymore.
  • Push technology support.