Mobile wallet

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System that allows to perform payments and money transfers via mobile devices of GSM standard at any available for this standard place.

Now, using this service, you can forget about your wallet with cash or plastic cards, it is enough to have your smartphone with a special free application.

Main components of system

  • Client terminal — an application that helps you to perform transactions and manage the funds of your account
  • Virtual account — an account that serves as an intermediary between you and the suppliers of goods and services
  • Operational control unit of payments — a complex that unites all the elements of your wallet together


Using mobile wallet, you can:

  • pay for mobile services, Internet, satellite TV
  • pay different kinds of goods, and even utilities
  • transfer funds from one wallet to another
  • transfer funds to other payment systems

It is simple:

  • via QR code — using a special program you can easily and quickly pay for goods and services without commission fee

To use

For this you need:

  • install a special application on your mobile device
  • transfer any amount from your bank account to the mobile wallet
  • specify your personal data and PIN-code
  • your mobile wallet ready to be used

To make a payment you:

  • run the mobile application
  • enter PIN-code and select the mode "pay"
  • scan QR code provided by the seller of goods or services
  • make the payment