One smart solution with industrial POS performance and Android flexibility.
Make the most of lively local businesses or large-scale operations with faster transactions and heavy duty payment acceptance.

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Let's get serious. It's all about your business.

M4Bank.SmartPOS system is a multivendor solution that turns an Android POS hardware into a smart one.
Using Android, the most common mobile OS on Earth.
Supports various alternative payments.

Integrate any software you need to suit your business tasks

Via SDK embedding
or API integration

Our SDK is Fully certified by Visa and MasterCard. It integrates SmartPOS software into your existing app and is designed as a plug-in-and-go for your current digital ecosystem and customer Journey.
No extra effort to deploy.

Otherwise, just quickly plug in our software or integrate yours with our API for seamless customer experience.

Seamless brand experience at every touchpoint

Our SDK lets you build your own app that matches your business
Use our Interface or build your own. Thanks to fully customisable UX/UI you get seamless brand and ecosystem integration and customer experience interacting with SmartPOS terminal.

Open for business

We believe in giving our clients maximum freedom in creating business apps and customer experiences with an open platform policy and great hardware connectivity.

Connect your external devices to suit your business needs and customer journey

Satisfying Merchant experience

Fully customisable UX/UI for seamless brand and ecosystem integration that suits merchants' needs and experience for various business logics.

  • In-app customer support
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Financial reporting and goods catalogue
  • Customisable technical monitoring module to analyse and visualise big data

Global ambitions for
local markets and processing variety

M4Bank is expanding local integrations to fit the
audience and adjust SmartPOS solutions to the well
established payment practices and processing vendors.

M4Bank SmartPOS
is a part of M4Bank platform

We keep providing the most advanced solutions in industry With M4Bank multichannel payment gateway

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