SoftPos is an ideal solution for accepting contactless payments on users' smartphones without any peripherals.

System allows to use mobile device instead of Cash register or Pos-terminal to accept bank cards and QR codes.

SoftPos - contactless payments via smartphone


  • Reduce the cost of buying or renting additional equipment
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Minimum time between the purchase of a product and the start of its operation, without involvement of additional specialists
  • Ability to quickly and easily improve and update the product


  • Run on Android devices
  • Contactless payment via NFC antenna
  • Mobile and server application rely on TLS 1.2+ channel
  • Ability to open and close a shift (cases when the application is used by several merchant’s cashiers)
  • SSL server authentication
  • Authentication of mobile app by authorization data and session
  • Operational safety: purchase, refund, partial refund, cancellation, reconciliation of totals and closing of the day
  • Select instalment schedule (only if this merchant is given the opportunity to offer installment payment)
  • View history of transactions by payment statuses
  • Issue full and partial refunds
  • Guidelines for application
  • Upon completion of transaction, the merchant can send cheque to mobile phone via SMS, as well as, if the bank has an SMTP server, to e-mail
Working pattern of SoftPOS technology

PayMob mobile cash register
self-service kiosk
application based on SoftPos technology

It is possible to install SoftPos on cash registers without accepting cards, kiosks, validators running Android OS SoftPos technology is already actively used by such popular Russian banks as Sberbank, VTB, Priorbank and others.