M4Bank merchant
web portal

Progressive data management tool for better experience and full control

M4Bank MerhantWeb
Portal is a Web application

That lets merchants visualize real-time information on transactions in any place at any time

Collecting and organising data

  • Processing systems
  • POS-concentrators and POS-terminals
  • Core banking systems
  • Merchant's cash solutions and other
    systems of the customer
Comprehensive analytics and visualized data
for quick and intuitive access to any
information and better control.


Data collection on all the types of payments:
  • Cash,
  • POS,
  • MPOS,
  • Internet-acquiring.
Merhchant controls:
statistics on transactions, showcase of products, goods, services,
internal documents, instructions, feedback.
Various Data source types support,
on the side of the Merchant and the ability to import electronic checks on transactions.
Information on all kinds of operations:
payment, reversal transaction, return of goods, partial reversal,
partial return of the goods etc.
Various types of preconfigured or customised analytical reports:
  • By time of the day,
  • By the days of the week,
  • By operators,
  • By the way of payment,
  • Related operation,
  • By the currency income,
  • By period,
  • By the operations types,
  • By geography.
Geolocation analysis of transaction for Internet-acquiring and Mobile acquiring.

See what's going on

Adoptive interface for desktop and mobile.
Search and filter without delay even with
thousands and POS and daily transactions.
Intuitive Multilingual UI and satisfying UX.

Everything under control

  • Monitor staff to find top performers by revenue, customer feedback and activities
  • Get to know your customers with preferences analytics and loyalty programs
  • Monitor goods and services to see the complete picture
  • Don't miss a thing with settlement payments of the merchant and bank-acquirer
  • Use geolocation statistics to see a bigger picture

Excel and .pdf friendly export

Integration integrity

Data sources integration:
  • Independent from processing systems. No permanent connection required
  • Adoptive integration with POS-terminals /host/payment gateways
  • Multisystem Integration
  • Electronic slips storage
Core Banking Systems and Card processing systems integration:
  • Seamless integration
  • ISO 8583 and variants support
  • Non-iso integration with processing centers
Merchant's systems integration:
  • Merchant accounting system
  • Merchant's data translation
  • Product catalog upload and system support
  • Back-office banking systems integration
Loyalty programs and bonus systems integration:
  • Integration with the loyalty program and bonuses calculation
  • Bonus cards accounting
  • Flexible configuration of bonus points withdrawal rules

Gain from autonomy

M4Bank merchant dashboard is an effective way
to manage a terminal network of any size.
Reducing customer support costs and providing
added value services for merchants to boost your
image and get more clients onboard.

Make the most of M4Bank platform solutions

System you can build on with no limits for growth
Innovative Tap-on-phone payment acceptance on any Android device for ultimate market reach
One smart solution with industrial POS performance and Android flexibility

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