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Center of Corporate Technologies: Integrator for financial services

The company has deep expertise and experience in the field of card payment services, fiscalization, banking processing systems, mobile devices and payment terminals. The in-house solution of mobile acquiring M4Bank.MPOS is number one solution in the CIS!

During the years of work on the market of IT solutions for the banking and financial sector, CCT has been able to achieve serious success in implementation of payment infrastructure solutions, which are used daily by millions of users in more than 8 countries.

The solutions development in the field of electronic payments and introduction of cash registers with fiscal memory and payment ecosystems of varying degrees of complexity based on in-house integration platform for mobile commerce M4Bank has become the hallmark of Center of Corporate Technologies.

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Solution to accept NFC payments on Android device

SoftPOS is a multifunctional technological solution, with the help of which the bank's partners (merchants) can accept contactless payments on Android smartphone using a built-in NFC antenna.

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Solution designed to expand functionality of cash register infrastructure: fiscalization and acceptance of card payments

Solution allows expanding the functionality of the company's cash register infrastructure: from aligning to ensuring a full-fledged acceptance of card payments. It is possible to use the customer's business applications.

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AliPay AliPay AliPay

AliPay acquiring

Comprehensive solution for launch on turnkey basis of in-house acquiring project AliPay

A full-featured technological solution for AliPay payments based on M4Bank.MPOS solution allows in a short time to join AliPay payment system and provide technical capability for transactions.

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screen Mobile acquiring mpos card acquiring mobile mpos

Mobile acquiring

A complex solution for starting of in-house turnkey project of mobile acquiring

Nowadays there is no doubt that technology of «mobile acquiring» is reliable and easy-to-use. The system was repeatedly tested by experts and successfully implemented into the banking operation.

Thanks to MPOS solution you will always have near at hand a mini-terminal accepting VISA and Maestro cards. You just need a smartphone based on Android or Apple and a miniature card reader. Any kind of card operations is available: you can make or cancel the payment, get the details of each transaction.

We appreciate your time, and MPOS will help to save it.

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HCE (Host-based Card Emulation)

Your phone is all you need

The technology that makes it possible to ensure the communication session between the mobile device and the payment terminal, which does not require a dedicated crypto processor for the performance. The application is executed on the main processor of the mobile device in an environment of the operating system of the phone.

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Comprehensive information on sales in real time!

Web-service provides opportunity to get quick information about Merchant’s trade transactions in a useful form. Useful both for small and large businesses with developed infrastructure.

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Mobile wallet

Now you can effectively control your money and plan expenses in advance.

You need no longer constantly carry with you cash and cards — just use the mobile wallet installed on your smartphone.

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screen mobile banking

Mobile banking

Full and customized

System that allows to perform payments and money transfers via mobile devices of GSM standard at any available for this standard place.

Now, using this service, you can forget about your wallet with cash or plastic cards, it is enough to have your smartphone with a special free application.

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