M4Bank SDK for SoftPOS
and SmartPOS

SoftPOS SDK is fully certified with Visa and Mastercard, EMV compliant
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M4Bank Software Development Kit is a set of libraries for streamlined payment acceptance software development

Get the best time-to-market with the least resources

As certification process and development from scratch takes ages, M4Bank SDK provides a huge boost for time-to-market speed, making it a slick, secure and enjoyable way for your team to focus on business value of the product they are creating.

With little to no effort

M4Bank takes care of

  • hardware interaction
  • preprocessing interactions
  • payment processing
  • 80% security requirements aiming at 100% in the future

Android native

No need to adopt, simply adapt. icon Feel at home with Java and Kotlin. icon

Totally secure

SDK is fully L2 certified with. icon

A pleasure to create

Focus your effort on bringing new features, services and products to your customers and leave the rest to us.

A bliss to integrate

Open and supportive.
Full and comprehensive software documentation for a clear start and detailed knowledge.

Make the most of M4Bank platform solutions

System you can build on with no limits for growth
Innovative Tap-on-phone payment acceptance on any Android device for ultimate market reach
One smart solution with industrial POS performance and Android flexibility

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