New wave of popularity of SoftPOS technology

Recently, due to the events associated with the pandemic, as well as the increased popularity of various courier delivery services, the number of users of the SoftPOS solution from CCT has increased significantly. Considering that the use of this solution reduces the cost of purchasing and maintaining additional equipment, as well as greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of transactions, SoftPOS is ideal for businesses using courier delivery.

Currently, most Russian banks cut large-scale deals with large courier services, registering employees as self-employed, and not through an outsourcing system, as before. Self-employed have significant advantages when registering with the tax office, as well as they are exempt from filing income declarations and paying insurance contributions. As for the banks, they receive the income from self-employed clients’ accounts maintenance.

In early September, the number of registered self-employed in Russia exceeded 1 million people, and the number of such clients in Sberbank alone is more than 150 thousand people. All of the above facts indicate that a new wave of popularity of SoftPOS technology is already coming.