New accessories are available to PAYMOB-F users

In the wake of the growing consumer interest in PAYMOB-F cash registers, our company has launched a large-scale production of additional accessories.

The following devices may be useful to you in using the PAYMOB-F cash register:

Magnetic micro-USB charging cable (1-2 meters) - it will significantly reduce the wear of the charging connector.

Cover (more than 10 models in various colors) - significantly increase the service life of the cash register. There are also insulated models with a thermo-foam seal.

Cash registers cover bag, together with documents, is an indispensable thing for companies involved with delivery.

Metal height adjustable bracket - allows you to install the cash register not only indoors, but also in transport.

You can find a complete list of accessories here.

 “We hope these accessories will make the day-to-day operation of our cash registers as simple as possible,” said Vladimir Goffe, Commercial Director of MPS LLC (PayMob brand).