New accessories are available to PAYMOB-F users

Due to the growing consumer interest in PAYMOB-F cash registers, our company has launched a massive production of additional accessories.

The following devices may be useful to you when using the PAYMOB-F cash register:

Magnetic micro-USB charging cable (1-2 meters) - it will lower the wear and tear of the charging connector.

Cover (more than 10 models in different colors) - increases the service life of the cash register. There are also insulated models with a thermal foam seal.

A cash register bag, together with documents, is a must-have item for delivery companies.

Metal height-adjustable bracket - allows you to install the cash register not only indoors but also in transport.

You can find the full list of accessories here.

"We hope that these accessories will make the daily operation of our cash registers as easy as possible," said Vladimir Goff, commercial director of MPS LLC (PayMob brand).