M4Bank.SoftPOS solution passes SDK certification in Visa and MasterCard payment systems

EMI Global Corp has completed the process of SDK certification in Visa and MasterCard payment systems for its M4Bank.SoftPOS solution.

This software development kit (SDK) for Android allows you to integrate M4Bank.SoftPOS solution into your partner's new or existing app to operate the contactless payment function. Our SDK is designed on the plug in and go model, which makes it much easier to integrate into any digital ecosystem.

We always think about the usability of our products, and these certificates confirm this fact. Now our clients, using seamless integration, can easily and quickly integrate the functionality of M4Bank.SoftPOS solution into any of their apps, using it as a part of their own unique product. The convenience of such integration has already been appreciated by our partners in Russia and neighboring countries.

SDK from M4Bank.SoftPOS is a set of functions for integration into any Android app ( running on Android 8.1 or higher and with NFC module) that allows you to accept payments by bank cards using this smartphone as a POS terminal (the client attaches his/her card or device to it). This allows you to expand the functionality of existing applications that sell goods or services.

SDK integration, unlike the method of using an additional (external) payment application, allows you to build payment acceptance functions into the existing client solution and keep the logic and design familiar to developers and users of that app.