First Tap to Phone project in USA launched by Visa based solution M4bank.SoftPos

On June 16, 2021, Visa, in partnership with PayMob (UK) and ZmBIZI, launched its first Tap to Phone pilot in the United States to support small businesses in the region. Through this project, it is planned to expand the capabilities of small businesses to meet the needs of their customers in the next stage of digital commerce development.

This project was developed on the basis of the M4Bank.SoftPOS solution from Center of Corporate Technologies LLC. Also recall that at the end of last year, Visa announced the certification in Russia of its new solution based on M4Bank.SoftPOS.

Tap to Phone technology turns sellers’ phones into point-of-sale acceptance devices with the ease of downloading an app. SMBs in Washington D.C. are planned to be the first stop on Visa’s six-city SMB revitalization initiative, which also includes Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami.

About Visa 

Visa is a global payment system that provides cardholders, merchants, financial and government institutions in over 200 countries and territories with access to fast, secure and reliable electronic payment network.

About CCT

Center of Corporate Technologies (CCT) is one of the leading software developers of innovative IT-solutions for banking and financial industries. Today CCT’s project portfolio includes more than 30 projects in 11 countries: Russia, USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia and Georgia. The company’s clients are the leading Russian and foreign banks and companies.

About ZmBIZI

ZmBIZI is a mobile smartphone technology and solution provider. ZmBIZI is an app ecosystem consisting of a hardware and software symbiosis of technologies curated with the mission of empowering its user.