Alfa-Bank JSC SB (Kazakhstan) announces launch of SoftPos project

Alfa-Bank JSC SB (Kazakhstan) announced the launch of Alfa Pay application, thanks to which individual entrepreneurs, as well as owners of small companies, will be able to accept payments using their Android phones.

The Alfa Pay application is developed on the basis of the M4Bank.SoftPos solution from the Center of Corporate Technologies.

SoftPos is an ideal solution for accepting contactless payments using a smartphone, without using any other peripheral devices. The system allows using a mobile device instead of a cash register or Pos-terminal to accept bank cards and QR codes.

Nowadays, non-cash payment has become extremely relevant and one-touch payment is in great demand. In addition, the owners of medium and small businesses will reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining POS-terminals, as well as other related devices.

Alfa-Bank JSC SB

Alfa-Bank JSC SB (Kazakhstan) is a subsidiary bank of the Russian Alfa-Bank JSC and is part of ABH Holdings S.A., represented in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Netherlands. Alfa-Bank has an impeccable business reputation and has been operating since 1994, being the first Russian bank in Kazakhstan.


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