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Your phone is all you need

HCE (Host-based Card Emulation)

The technology that makes it possible to ensure the communication session between the mobile device and the payment terminal, which does not require a dedicated crypto processor for the performance. The application is executed on the main processor of the mobile device in an environment of the operating system of the phone.

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A complex solution for starting of in-house turnkey project of mobile acquiring

Mobile acquiring

Nowadays there is no doubt that technology of «mobile acquiring» is reliable and easy-to-use. The system was repeatedly tested by experts and successfully implemented into the banking operation.

Thanks to MPOS solution you will always have near at hand a mini-terminal accepting VISA and Maestro cards. You just need a smartphone based on Android or Apple and a miniature card reader. Any kind of card operations is available: you can make or cancel the payment, get the details of each transaction.

We appreciate your time, and MPOS will help to save it.

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screen TV banking screen TV banking screen TV banking



You have access to your account 24 hours a day (regardless the opening hours of the bank); you can pay for purchases and utilities, without leaving the couch; you can transfer money, being sure for safety.

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screen mobile banking

Full and customized

Mobile banking

System that allows to perform payments and money transfers via mobile devices of GSM standard at any available for this standard place.

Now, using this service, you can forget about your wallet with cash or plastic cards, it is enough to have your smartphone with a special free application.

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Mobile wallet


Now you can effectively control your money and plan expenses in advance.

You need no longer constantly carry with you cash and cards — just use the mobile wallet installed on your smartphone.

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Quick start for the provision of mobile banking services


The modern world has been living in a regime of constant acceleration, changing conditions and lack of time. The excess of information makes choice difficult and complicates decision-making procedure. In such circumstances the value of time is increasing.

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