Surgutneftegasbank started issuing of mPOS terminals

Common project of CCT and SNGB, service of mobile acquiring was presented in March. After all the necessary test works were completed, the bank began distribution of mPOS terminals. Note that this is the first Russian mPOS-project, supporting advanced technology Chip & Pin, PayPass and payWave.

«It is a unique project for us-the only Russian mPOS solution, accepting contactless payments. It is no secret that from January, next year, MasterCard requirements will come into force on contactless technology equipment of terminals. We are ahead of time and ready to offer this technology today. I am sure, the service will be extremely popular among entrepreneurs and useful for the growth their business », - said Andrey Balandin, commercial director of CCT.

To connect to the service, the client of the Bank must conclude an acquiring contract by in the nearest office of the Bank, get mobile card reader and install the application on the mobile device by downloading it from the AppStore or Android Market.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to mobile service acquiring. Mobile terminals, unlike the classical ones, are compact and fit in your pocket and, most importantly, work anywhere in Russia, where there is access to the mobile Internet.

The first client and the owner of a new mobile terminal is the owner of the beauty studio.

The release of the Bank from 15.05.15:

-There is a number of services that are provided by our specialists at home. Mobile Terminal in this case is a very comfortable thing, which makes it easier to pay for services. It is pretty simple to carry the device in this situation. And if the customer is paying by card, he or she can do it without leaving home, says Eugene Zhukova.

About the Company:

Closed Joint Stock Company “Surgutneftegasbank” is one of the biggest regional banks of Russia.

The history of the Bank started on May 15th 1965, when the Tyumen branch of the USSR-Stroibank-opened a division in Surgut. In 1988, the Surgut division became a branch Bank of the USSR-Promstroibank. On October 25th 1990, the branch bank was reformed again into Surgut's commercial bank and was named "Surgutneftegasbank". Further reforms on August 2nd 1999, created the Close Joint Stock Company "Surgutneftegasbank". For the last five years the Bank has presented its annual report according to Russian and International Standards.