Russian Standard Bank and CCT implement new method for accepting payments

Russian Standard Bank in cooperation with Center for Corporate Technologies LLC provided an opportunity for its clients to accept QR code payments via FPS (Faster Payment System). To work with this type of payment, the merchant only needs a smartphone with the SoftPOS application.

SoftPOS is an ideal solution for accepting contactless payments using a smartphone, without using any other peripheral devices. The system allows using a mobile device instead of a cash register or Pos-terminal to accept bank cards and QR codes.

A dynamic QR code, which can be generated for a specific purchase, will be used to make a payment in the SoftPOS application via FPS. The buyer, using the smartphone, scans the QR code generated by the application, and the payment takes place automatically in a matter of seconds.

Additional advantages of this payment method are the low commission, as well as the fact that funds are transferred to the account instantly.

Recently, due to the increased demand for items delivered by couriers, the relevance of this type of payment has increased significantly.