Russia is ranked among the top three countries with the cheapest mobile internet

According to the Paymob experts, the demand in mobile acquiring in Russia is going to increase significantly. Moreover, the penetration of mPOS is expected not only in the central Russian regions, but all over the country as well.

For the mPOS market cheap mobile internet is the key to successful development. According to the latest data from analytical agencies, Russia has all chances to not only catch up but also overtake the colleagues from the west.

Content Review agency reports that Russia took third place in the ranking of the countries with the cheapest mobile internet. Those who live in England, Japan, South Korea-the most advanced countries when it comes to mobile communications-have to pay considerably more. An average Russian user pays 117 rubles for 1 GB every month, the English one pays 9, 5 times more, Japanese- 8 times more, in Germany and South Korea Mobile Internet costs 7 times more expensive.

The price for the mobile Internet in Russia is decreasing from year to year, due to high competition among the mobile operators. As reported by representatives of companies-operators, MTS volume of Internet traffic per subscriber in the second quarter of 2015 year rose for nearly 45%, VimpelCom’s average consumption of data-traffic (MboU) in "packages" rose by more than 50%, and the number of users of mobile Internet -for 13%.

Cheap mobile communication ensures the growth of the Smartphone market. RBC reports that nearly 50% of Russians have smartphones, while in Moscow the number of smartphone owners is already 63%.