Payments by cash can be forbidden for online shops customers

According to «Izvestia», CB of Russia is going to review the document, launched by the«National payment council» in cooperation with the Association of Russian banks (ARB) which serves to prohibit couriers of online shops from accepting cash for purchases. The purpose of this document is to increase the turnover of bank card and the number of bank customers.

Experts believe that such step should bring more transparency into the whole e-commerce sector.

Moreover, this reform should bring advantages for all participants of the process: owners of online shops will be able to make the payments as safe as possible and exclude the possibility of theft by the couriers. In addition, they may attract new clients- those who prefer pay by card.

There are lots of pluses for the customers as well- non-cash payment is a great way to protect yourself from unscrupulous merchant, and there is no need to search for the change.

Turning to completely non-cash payments is considered to be easy enough – all couriers of online shops should be equipped with mobile terminals. mPOS technology appeared in Russia rather recently, but it has already gained a stable position on the market. The device is much cheaper and more convenient in use than the classic POS-terminal; with the help of mobile app, it can be configured for the exact type of business. According to experts, the amendment will make a greater demand for mPOS, and thus will create favorable conditions for the development of mobile acquiring in Russia.

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Source: izvestia..