Our company has been listed in TOP largest developers of mobile apps for business and government departments according to CNews Analytics

According to the review “Mobility in business 2014”, Center of corporate technologies has been listed in TOP-20 largest developers of mobile apps for business and government departments, effectively consolidating its positions on the market.

Cnews experts analyzed the market of mobile apps and compiled the list of 20 leaders, providers and developers of mobile corporate solutions.

The survey was based on the following standards: revenue dynamics 2012-2013, percentage of developing mobile app from the general revenue, growth 2012/2013, the number of employees in developing the mobile software. The company CCT took the 13 place in the rating and showed one of the best results in the categories of growth 2012/2013 (150%) and percentage of developing mobile app from the general revenue (90%). Additionally, the availability of the products of own design was included. According to the survey announcement, only the leading players of the IT market, which started with customized mobile solutions 3-4 years ago, can provide the completed products.

«It’s very important for us to improve our positions on the market. The fact that the company was listed in the TOP is conditioned, first of all, with the high-tech and reliable products that have achieved successful results in the leading russian and foreign banks.

The survey has shown the rapid growth of the market, the actual demand and the number of participants are increasing as well, such dynamics provides a competitive environment, which is a key factor for the business development»,- says Boris Fedorov, CEO and соfounder of LLC «Center of corporate technologies».

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