Mobile Payments Systems (PayMob brand), member of CCT group, became a resident of Technopark «Strogino»

According to the expert commission, the company was awarded the status of Technopark «Strogino» resident and its activity was recognized as innovative.

Not all of the companies may become the residents of Technopark: the expert council, which consists of scientists, executives, private investors, etc., examines their main projects. If the council finds the project interesting and perspective, the company or the sole trader is offered a vacancy in a business-incubator. There are around 50 young organizations today.

«Due to the fact that CCT is growing rapidly, we decided to highlight the innovative part of the company into a separate branch-“Mobile Payments Systems” (MPS). The company will be located in Technopark during the nearest 3 years, developing and implementing the high-tech solutions for mobile commerce. The technopark’s complex is ideal for our purposes- this is a great platform for a start, and it has everything for comfortable business and developing»,-says Boris Fedorov, CEO of CCT.

Technopark "STROGINO" was created by Government of Moscow with assistance of Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation in 2007. The activities of Technopark is in collaboration with the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow, Moscow City Property Department, Prefecture of Nord-West Administrative District of city Moscow, organizations, infrastructure to support small businesses and other bodies of executive power of Moscow.