Mobile Banking for Credit bank of Moscow is available for iPad now!

Credit bank of Moscow in cooperation with Center of corporate technologies has launched iPad versionof mobile banking, available at AppStore. The solution ensures full access to the banking operations and products.

Now iPad owners, clients of Credit bank of Moscow, have an access to a full range of banking operations: funds transferring between the accounts and cards, fees and fines, balance and many more with the help of a free mobile app.

MCB Mobile banking has a user-friendly interface and Geolocation function, which allows you to find the nearest ATM or Bank department. The security of each transaction is ensured by the latest encryption technologies.

«Today the Bank’s clients are more mobile than ever. We’re striving to provide comfortable and effective access to managing their accounts at all times, from any device»,-said Boris Fedorov, CEO of «Center of corporate technologies».

About the companies:

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was founded in 1992 and is now a medium-sized universal privately owned bank operating in Moscow and Moscow region. CBM is now rated 13th among Russian banks by assets according to Interfax-100. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is remarkable for its strong business diversification, efficient risk management system, long-term partnerships and efficient delivery of service packages. The Bank has been in trade finance business since 2001, in syndicated loan market since 2003 and in Eurobond market since 2006. CBM is also a Principal Member of MasterCard and Visa.

CENTER OF CORPORATE TECHNOLOGIES is a developer and provider of mobile corporate solutions. The company was founded in 2011 in Moscow. All the projects are realized on the base of the original platform- M4Bank. Currently the company maintains 10 projects in four countries: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. M4BANK.BNK is a complex solution for secure mobile banking, which provides the access to a full range of banking operations with the help of free app. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices.