MasterCard shared the global data on trends of Mpos market

CCT company (Paymob payment service), as a member of MasterCard Mobile POS Program, participated in the "Mobile POS Quick Facts". The "Fast Facts" release is based on transaction data from the MPOS Indicator only anonymous, MasterCard processed transactions are part of the analysis*.In total, the study joined 35 countries, 102 solution providers and 132 solutions. The survey data reflects the situation on January-June 2015.

According to the research, the average transaction check is about 50$, while the highest average check has been set in the UAE, China, Indonesia and Thailand. Top-5 countries with the highest rates on transactions volume are: the United States, Australia, Canada, Sweden and Brazil.

The research also shares the information on the top merchant categories by volume. Those are, first of all, bars and restaurants, beauty salons and barber shops, doctors and dentists, insurance companies and stationary stores. Merchant growth for the given period has reached 36 %.

*non MasterCard transactions and those processed domestically are not included.