M4bank.Softpos solution is one of the first to pass Pin-on-Glass certification in MIR payment system

Center of Corporate Technologies LLC and its M4Bank.SoftPOS solution with PIN-on-Glass support, was one of the first among Russian suppliers to be certified in the Mir payment system.

PIN-on-Glass technology allows customers to enter their PIN on the screen of mobile device to confirm a payment, eliminating transaction limits, which makes it possible to accept any amount for payment via smartphone.

“For several years our company has been a leader in the payment business innovations – while developing SoftPOS, we often were the first in certification or launching a project, I am glad that we manage to maintain our status to this day. We strive to be at the forefront of the payment business and provide our partners with new technological solutions that allow them to remain among the first on the market. The Pin-on-Glass technology in SoftPOS is just that, it erases the last barriers between a phone and a classic POS-terminal, making acquiring more accessible", said Egor Petukhovsky, co-founder of Center of Corporate Technologies LLC.

MIR Payment System

Mir is the Russian national payment system. National Payment Card System Joint Stock Company is the operator of Mir National Payment System. Since 2015, the payment system Mir has started issuing bank cards that meet all Russian and international security standards. Currently, the Mir card is issued by many Russian and foreign banks represented in Russia.

CCT Company

Center of Corporate Technologies (CCT) is one of the leading software developers of innovative IT-solutions for banking and financial industries. Today CCT’s project portfolio includes more than 30 projects in 12 countries: Russia, USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia and Georgia. The company’s clients are the leading Russian and foreign banks and companies.