In one of the largest banks in Mongolia a project of deployment of M4Bank.MPOS system was launched

In one of the largest banks in Mongolia a project of deployment of M4Bank.MPOS system was launched. Under the project there will be a supply of M4Bank.MPOS In-House solution, its adaptation and implementation in the territory of the Bank. Also the staff of company Center of corporate technologies will carry out the integration with the bank’s processing ESP Link to POS-native protocol. All systems’ interfaces have multi-language support, including the Mongolian language. «We consider this project as extremely important, as it opens a new page in the life of our Company — the beginning of the spread of our system on the international market. We appreciate the confidence of the Bank, and will make every effort to make the results of the project’s realization to allow the Bank to achieve even greater success in business» — noted Boris Fedorov, the director general of Center of corporate technologies.

Brief information about the bank:

Khan Bank ( with 512 branches throughout Mongolia, is the largest commercial bank in the country and provides banking services to an estimated 70% of Mongolian households. Card services are provided to over one million customers. ATM network consists of 310 units. Major international corporation Sawada Holdings is the Bank’s majority shareholder.

Brief information about the company «Center of corporate technologies»:

Company Center of corporate technologies ( specializes in the development and supply of mobile corporate systems. The company is the leader in mobile acquiring and mobile banking. The strategic partner in mPOS projects’ realization is company «Ingenico» (France).