First UnionPay International card transaction in Central Asia and CIS via mobile application based on M4Bank.SoftPOS

Halyk Bank (National Bank of Kazakhstan JSC), one of the leaders in the banking sector in Kazakhstan, announced the first UnionPay International card transaction in Central Asia and the CIS in the Halyk POS mobile application. It should be reminded that the Halyk POS application is developed on the basis of the M4Bank.SoftPOS solution from the Center of Corporate Technologies.

According to representatives of Halyk Bank, this application in the near future will completely replace the standard POS-terminal among small and medium-sized businesses, which use card payments.

Halyk Bank (National Bank of Kazakhstan JSC)

It is the leading financial group and leading retail bank in Kazakhstan with the largest customer base and distribution network. The bank is developing as a universal financial group, granting wide range of services (banking, brokerage, insurance, leasing and asset management) to its retail clients, clients of small and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients. National Bank of Kazakhstan JSC also operates in Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. National Bank of Kazakhstan JSC is a listed company and its securities are traded on stock exchanges of Kazakhstan (KASE, AIX) and Great Britain (LSE).

UnionPay International (UPI)

UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay focused on the growth and support of UnionPay’s global business outside of China. In partnership with more than 2300 institutions worldwide, UPI has enabled card acceptance in 179 countries with issuance in 61 countries, including Russia. UPI provides high quality, cost effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base and ensures convenient local services to a growing number of global UnionPay cardholders and merchants. 


Center of Corporate Technologies (CCT) is one of the leading software developers of innovative IT-solutions for banking and financial industries. Today CCT’s project portfolio includes more than 30 projects in 10 countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia and Georgia. The company’s clients are the leading Russian and foreign banks and companies.