Delivery of the first batch of PAYMOB-F devices to Sberbank of Russia completed

In accordance with the results of the tender, held by Sberbank of Russia and announced on May 31, 2019, Mobile Payment Systems (CCT group of companies) was recognized as one of the winners and began supplying cash registers PAYMOB-F 3 in 1.

To date, the first 5,000 PAYMOB-F devices have been delivered to the regional branches of Sberbank of Russia throughout the country.

For us this project is another stage of a fruitful cooperation with Sberbank of Russia, which began in 2016 with a mobile acquiring project and is only expanding from year to year.

Our company always offers the market the most innovative products. We hope that in the future they will be interesting to the most advanced bank in Russia.

The versatility of our product, in combination with the convenience and flexibility of related software, provides ample opportunities for using online cash registers in all areas of business of customers of Sberbank of Russia.