CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW releases a new version of an application for Apple's smartphone.

A new application of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW for the iPhone is in the AppStore and soon will be available to all customers of the bank. The updated mobile banking system, implemented on M4Bank platform, will replace the mobile application used by bank.

At the moment a complete set of services to manage your accounts and cards, as well as service of payments and transfers are available in the application. All the operations are carried out by the clients in real time. Also this application provides a new mechanism of geolocation of facilities of banking infrastructure. For the convenience of the application entry now you can use a short numeric code.

The project is the result of joint work of experts of the Bank and the Company «Center of corporate technologies» within the framework of the Bank’s strategy for the development of retail business and remote banking service. The implementation of the new version of mobile banking will be the basis for further technological development of remote channels of communication with the customers. In the near future there are plans to release applications for Android, as well as a special adapted version for IPad. The Bank also plans to increase the amount of operations conducted on the devices.

«Modern retail bank is unimaginable without mobile banking. By implementing this project, we tried to make communication between the bank and the customer more comfortable and safe. Now many banks still use outdated mobile solutions built on sms and web-technologies, which are a technological compromise. However, the most progressive organizations and users have already made their choice in favor of specialized mobile applications. We help our customers to keep pace with time, giving them the ability to use modern technological solutions», noted Sergey Popov, the Executive Director of «Center of corporate technologies» Ltd.