Center of corporate technologies in cooperation with SNGB bank is going to realize the first in Russia mPOS projects, which includes the NFC technologies

The mPOS project, which includes the NFC technologies and based on the M4bank platform, is going to be realized. This is the first project in Russia realized on the advanced equipment, Ingenico RP 750x, which accepts cards with magstripe, Chip, EMV-standard, as well as contactless cards. So far, the solution has no analogues in Russia.

Today a number of progressive financial institutions and companies are on the stage of implementation of NFC technology, which has a huge potential in the field of mobile payments: this technology is ideal for transferring small size data, providing the speed and safety of the transaction, in accordance with the international standards for the credit cards.

According to the experts, more than 700 million people in emerging markets around the world will be using mobile money services in 2015. It is also expected that a significant share of such payments will be processed with the help of NFC.

«Contactless payments do show a rapid growth, many customers had chance to enjoy the speed and convenience of the service. It’s very important for us to be the first providers of this innovative service in Russia, which is ensured by the high-tech terminal equipment of Ingenico», - says Boris Fedorov, CEO of CCT.

Closed Joint Stock Company “Surgutneftegasbank” is one of the biggest regional banks of Russia.

The history of the Bank started on May 15th 1965, when the Tyumen branch of the USSR-Stroibank-opened a division in Surgut. In 1988, the Surgut division became a branch Bank of the USSR-Promstroibank. On October 25th 1990, the branch bank was reformed again into Surgut's commercial bank and was named "Surgutneftegasbank". Further reforms on August 2nd 1999, created the Close Joint Stock Company "Surgutneftegasbank".

For the last five years the Bank has presented its annual report according to Russian and International Standards.

LLC CENTER OF CORPORATE TECHNOLOGIES is a developer and provider of mobile corporate solutions. The company was founded in 2011 in Moscow. All the projects are realized on the base of the original platform- M4Bank. Currently the company maintains 10 projects in four countries: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

M4Bank.MPOS –integrated solution for mobile commerce, focused on the real needs of the customers. The main partner in the mPOS project is the company "Ingenico".