CCT and T2S became partners

One of the leading Russian developers of solutions for mobile platforms «Center of corporate technologies» and French company T2S started the cooperation.

Target2Sell provides personalized product recommendations for e-commerce websites.T2S is an intelligent, self-learning platform that dynamically adapts e-commerce websites in real time. The solution offers a selection of products corresponding to the taste and needs of each visitor.

«Today targeted marketing is an essential part of success in online business. One can increase conversion rate, turnover and, of course, customer satisfaction and loyalty with the help of it. I do hope that Russian entrepreneurs will turn to more efficient and user-friendly solutions, such as T2S»,-says Egor Petukhovsky, head of marketing department, CCT company.

T2S was founded in 2012, and today more than 40 companies, including the largest online-shops, such as Rexel, Pimkie, Macway and Auchan, use Target2Sell solution.